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 What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?

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PostSubject: What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?   Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:29 pm

6th edition has clearly had some profound effects on some units but what unit has been performing best in 6th edition for you and why?

Mine thus far has been my drop-podding sternguard.

5 men with 3 combi-meltas and 2 heavy flamers.


Since units can disembark up to 6" from an access point regardless of vehicle movement speed, getting the 2D6 penetration has been almost guaranteed.
With hull points and +2 to damage rolls, my meltas have consistently caused significant damage.
During the inevitable counter assault, over watching with 2 heavy flamers from cover has proven highly defensive and they've been holding out much longer.
They used to drop, pop and die but are now more than capable of weathering a beating until a further drop pod of tac marines land in support.

greatest effect;

doubles game, allied with GK Vs BA and SM
mission type, The Big Guns Never Tire

Turn one - disembarked into cover and destroyed a BA Vindicator surrounded by Death company. Not only was it a threat to my partners GK terminators but its destruction secured 2 VPs outright [first blood and for destroying a heavy support choice].
The resulting explosion killed 2 death company.
My opponent assaulted my vets, drawing them away from an objective, which provided time for firing lanes to be adjusted.
The overwatch killed 3 more DC and the DC wiped my vets before I could strike any blows [they were led my Astorath!].
Left unenguaged in our next turn, more DC fell prey to sniper and small arms fire...

...later in the game, Astorath killed double his worth in GK terminators but the DC didn't bloody their blades at all so I credit the demise of 10 DC and a Vindicator to the actions of 5 men in a drop pod, in one turn essentially.

So the are my MVP's

Who's yours?
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PostSubject: Re: What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?   Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:08 am

It's not as dramatic, but my Fire Warriors have had a real boost thanks to the new shooting rules. Rapid fire up to half range, and no penalties for moving and shooting? Yes please. Add a load of S5 rapid firing overwatch and people even have to think twice now before assaulting them!

And railguns rock even more now that they get a better damage bonus after scoring that penetrating hit.
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PostSubject: Re: What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?   Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:11 pm

It is 5th edit with tweaks from 2nd edit.

Can't wait for the issues that will arrive with the codexs coming out.

My guard squads can now move across the battlefield while having the heavy team support them and not suffer any movement penalties. oh and the fact that like most wargames I can now measure to my hearts content without having some toe rag say that I have to shoot at that.
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PostSubject: Re: What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?   Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:40 am

Personally I enjoyed the no premeasuring as it did add that extra element

And units can only disembark if their transport only moves 6 but they cant assault unless its open topped even if it's open topped though they can only disembark if the vehicle has only moved 6 but thet still assault as open topped vehicles have the assault vehicle rule
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PostSubject: Re: What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?   

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What's your MVP in 6th edition so far?
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